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Our story. 

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"Think back to the first time you watched your favourite show or movie. How did it make you feel? Did it entertain and make you laugh, did it move you in a way you didn't expect, or maybe it inspired you to join a cause or make a change. The power that good content has to transport us to another world, or elicit a particular feeling is why I'm on a mission to empower storytellers.


Twenty five years in film distribution and marketing has afforded me the privilege of working closely with filmmakers, providing insight into how much passion and dedication it takes to make and release quality content. I founded Screenkind with the goal of empowering storytellers, by making it easier for them to produce and share amazing content with the world."


Rowen Smith, Founder


Rowen has worked on over 400 Australian theatrical release campaigns in previous roles with Paramount Pictures, United International Pictures and as Head of Marketing at Transmission Films ANZ.  

This includes content from global entertainment companies such as : Paramount Pictures, Universal Pictures, Marvel Studios, DreamWorks, Warner Bros, Bad Robot, MTV Films, Cruise/ Wagner Productions, Aardman Animation, Nickelodeon, Amazon Studios, BBC Films, Working Title, Lionsgate, Pathé, and See-Saw Films.

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